Increase Productivity

The last thing you want is to be tearing your hair out not knowing where your drivers are, what they’re doing and when they are going to arrive at their destination.

A GPS tracking system does all the difficult work for you so you don’t have to stress when you could be spending more time focusing on cultivating new customer relationships. By streamlining and automating the process to utilize driver time more efficiently, you will gain mounds of productivity in return. Here are ways in which this technology can improve productivity in your business.


One of the vital benefits of implementing a GPS tracking system for your fleet is the fact that it smoothly saves you time rounding up information on your drivers because by simply glancing at the tracking system – all your questions are answered. This supplies you with the time to focus maintaining healthy customer relationships and developing new business opportunities.


GPS records real-time locations of drivers, where they have stopped, how long they stopped for and other aspects of their driving behaviour. With our GPS tracking system, this useful information is organised into daily report sheets that you can look over and address issues with your drivers to eliminate any problems that could be hindering your fuel economy, fleet safety or customer service.


According to Aberdeen’s research (2008) “forward thinking organizations and performance leaders are those that have integrated location information into their scheduling and planning strategies to ensure the highest levels of productivity and utilization”. With route efficiency you can allocate drivers to jobs closest to them which means less driving time and less fuel consumption, concurrently giving customers a much quicker response rate and delivery time. As we mentioned before about identifying any bad driver habits, you can additionally use this information to teach drivers the best way of conduct to effectively become more productive.

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