Introducing Our GPS In A Box

We’re passionate about ensuring food safety for our customers, which is why we’ve designed a new product that gives shippers the peace of mind that their products are secure, on time, on route, and at the right temperature.

We’ve used advanced technology to build something innovative and effective which differs from other temperature recorders by not “tattle-tailing”after any problems in transit. We wanted to open the line of communication so that you can stay in control of your products’ transportation by accessing their location at any time, without even having to contact the carrier. This is all the more important especially after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) implemented tightened food transportation regulations last year in 2014, to further strive towards their “vision of a modern food safety system and safer food supply”. The new regulations require carriers, shippers and receivers of food to use proper refrigeration during their transportation with scrupulously clean containers, ensuring that food is properly separated from non-food shipments, maintaining accurate records and providing training for employees. Here’s some more information about how GPS in a Box is so easy to operate and how it assures high quality food standards:


GPS in a Box is a reusable and robust tracking temperature and door alert system that monitors truck loads and reports back to shippers in real-time. That means immediate alerts if temperatures creep away from their set specifications or if someone unauthorised opens a door of a properly sealed load. GPS in a Box is also incredible tough – truly built for the trucking industry.


All you need is an internet connection along with either your computer, tablet or smart phone. GPS In a Box works by reporting to the National Fleet Tracking cloud based platform. If you have one or more of the devices mentioned, all you need is a GPS In A Box, and you’ll be ready to start monitoring your freight immediately!


Shippers can set custom temperature alerts that they can remotely monitor – no matter how perishable the product. If the temperature rises or falls outside of the specifications you have set, you will be alerted in real-time so that things can be set right. This heavily reduces and eliminates recalls and rejected loads due to temperature issues! By using sanitary transportation practices you’re not only following the regulations but USDA (2006) rightly claims that “Maintaining the desired or ideal holding temperature is a major factor in protecting perishable foods against quality loss during storage and distribution.”

Interested in ensuring high quality food control for the transportation process? Call us on (855) 438-4771 and we can see how GPS in a Box could help you.