Keyfob Driver Identification

There’s no fun in being in the dark, especially about your own business. So how can you access correct information on a driver when they’ve changed vehicles?

Most fleet tracking systems operate by tracking vehicles; where they are, where they’re going, their speed, (all controlled by driver behavior) and so on. But what about when a driver changes vehicles? How can you access and manage the correct information then? Well, here’s the solution to never worrying about driver assignment again. Introducing Key Fob Driver Identification, one of National Fleet Tracking’s features. Here’s a little more background on how it works and how it can benefit your business.


Each driver keeps their compact, unique Key Fob on them at all times whilst they’re working. The driver connects the key fob to the key reader, to begin a 45 second window to start the engine of their vehicle.


The Key Fob shows when the driver started and ended their shift and also makes sure that the driver is operating the vehicle that they were assigned to. It monitors their location, driver behavior and will show you which driver was using a vehicle at a specific time.


Technology is constantly helping us to be in more than one place at once. Whether it’s video-calling with family and friends across the world, to putting you in the driving seat of every vehicle in your company. With Key Fob Driver Identification, you can track your drivers, not just your vehicles. This hassle-eliminating feature will shine the light on who was in which vehicle and at what time, so if any problems do occur you will have no issue in holding the non-performing or inconsistent employees accountable. This data can be accessed for one year too.

So don’t fear the unknown, let this effective feature swipe away any grey areas, giving you accurate insight into your fleet and allowing your business to pursue an efficient and streamlined operation. Need to learn more about this? Call us on 855-438-4771 and find out how we can customize our fleet tracking software to suit you.