How Tracking Your Fleet Benefits Your Bottom Line

Can Fleet Trackers Really Save You Money?

When it comes to investing in technologically advanced gadgets for the business with a fleet of vehicles, many are still in the dark. Are these really helpful? Do you need them? Is there some juicy ROI to reap from them? These are very common hesitations coming especially from small businesses and startups who are just dipping their toes in the water. After all, huge multinational companies have nothing – if not, very little to lose.

The truth is, any fleet business can benefit from GPS trackers. This innovation in fleet telematics has already been working wonders for many companies, both big and small. “In what way?” You ask. In many ways! The most obvious being the improvement of operational efficiency, strengthening and solidifying management and driver communication on-the-go, which translates back into an intact, and even slightly heavier cash box. Yep!

Time To Do The Math

As mentioned earlier, the cost of buying trackers and getting mechanics to install them is financially daunting for many business owners – particularly the starting ones. And true enough, this is usually the doubt that clouds the minds of those who fail to look at it in a long-term perspective.

If you’re off-put by the costs attached to trackers, here are some points you need to consider:

  1. They help control and minimize your company’s fuel consumption
    Excessive speeding can drain the tank easily. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to know if your drivers are keeping up with speed regulations unless they have you in tow during all of their shifts. But when you have gps trackers installed in your vehicles, you have unlimited access to every vehicles speed, location, and direction. This way, you can all work on a speed that won’t suck the life out of your fuel account.
  2. They help you cut back on your insurance premium.
    Trucks with trackers are considered under a lower-risk bracket, which means insurance companies won’t see as much risk in your case if you have trackers. This is because these devices have an added security feature to them, which makes them theft-unfriendly.
  3. They protect your assets from theft or unauthorized use.
    Stolen trucks can be quite a pain to deal with. But if you have the magical little trackers secretly installed inside, locating them should be a breeze! And if unauthorized use of the vehicles is an issue affecting your business, you can still sleep soundly at night because these are able to record off-duty usage. The FleetTrackPro platform can even alert you by text message and e-mail if the vehicle turns on after hours.
  4. They help ensure that your employees are doing what they’re supposed to do at the time they’re paid to do it.
    Delays hurt your relationship with clients. And if you’re dealing with a driver who’s hardly lifting a finger to get things done, your business will suffer in the long run. Trackers help monitor driver activity, so it’s easy for you to see if anybody’s slacking off, using the vehicles for non-work purposes, or going beyond the regulated speed limit. Having these trackers onboard will help you make sure that you’re getting fair value for what you’re paying.