Do You Really Need Temperature Alerts with Your Trailer Tracker?

As if trackers, in their bare genius glory, are not already the most excellent thing invented in their corner of the world.

Trailer Temperature Monitoring Devices were invented into existence to make sure the central authority of your fleet company has real-time updates on the temperature inside your refrigerated trailers. These devices are very useful because on top of the real-time temperature monitoring they provide, they also give central authority updates on location, status (moving/idle), geofence alerts, and speed. This way, managing your trailer fleet will come as a breeze without compromising the quality of information you receive.

But that’s not all to it – here are some more amazing benefits temperature alerts can bring to your business:

  • Less waste
    Certain goods can be highly at risk for rotting and waste if the temperature is not consistently between certain temperatures. In trucking business, this is critical because you could lose clients over the loss of their goods. Make sure that your loads stay fresh and top-quality all the time by installing temperature-detecting trackers on your trailers.
  • Heightened driver awareness
    Procrastinating drivers can be a huge liability to your company, especially when left unmanaged for a long time. Transportation businesses thrive on speed and timeliness, and if you have a driver on board who’s struggling to keep deliveries on schedule, that could hurt your profits. Having trackers will help raise consciousness among your employees, upping efficiency and positively affecting the quality of service you provide to clients.
  • A highly efficient operation
    When you’re running a fleet of trailers that are heading in different directions, operated by different drivers, and driving under different conditions, micro-managing may only backfire. Let your dispatchers focus on results, not on the nitty-gritty. This will give them more intellectual space to deal with issues whenever they arise. Having an advanced tracker on board will eliminate – if not reduce the need to pick up the phone, try to contact the drivers to check in on them and make sure everything’s copacetic.
  • Happy customers mean loyal customers means good business
    Dealing with a long list of clients can be daunting – it’s easy to make huge mistakes when you have to give everyone equal attention and importance. At some point, quality could head south if you’re forced to deal with too many at once. Don’t let this happen to you! Make sure that you have it all together in one central system so it’s easy to keep track of everything and everyone. The happier your clients are with what you do, the longer you stay in business.
  • Keeping track of logistics has never been so easy
    Logistics monitoring shouldn’t break your back – if we’re only talking about a single trailer to take care of. But when there’s 50, 60, hundreds or even thousands of them, superhuman skills are mandatory. Make sure your employees are as efficient and as focused as they can be – smoothen up the bumpy road of logistics so your business sails on. These trackers are the perfect solution, what with their amazing ability to help every dispatcher keep track of temperatures and solve problems before they begin.

So, back to the question: do you really need temperature alerts with your trailer tracker? Do you want a strong, invincible name in the trailer business? It’s up to you.