Deactivation Request

Please read the following Terms and Conditions for Deactivating a device or devices from your account:

  • Once deactivated, ALL history for that unit will be purged from our system and will NOT be available for any reports unless you check the box below telling us you want to keep your history.
  • There is a $9.95 charge per device, per month if you choose to keep the history in the tracking system and check the box asking us to keep your history.
  • There is a $50 service charge per device to restore a unit’s data once it has been deleted. Data can only be recovered within 45 days of deactivation.
  • There is no charge to deactivate a device, but there will be a $19.95 re-activation charge billed to your next invoice upon re-activation.
  • Re-activating a device will not bring back the deleted history of the unit. It will start over fresh from the day you re-activate it.