Heavy Equipment

We have many ways for you to keep track of all your equipment while on site or in route. Be alerted immediately when your equipment is being used after hours.


National Fleet Tracking has a number of intelligent ways for you to keep track of all your heavy equipment while out on site or on route. This applies to both fixed and mobile assets. And it doesn’t stop there. We also have monitoring solutions for exposed cabs that suffer the elements day in day out.

All these solutions are specifically designed to protect and monitor vehicle and driver safety at all times. Having many staff working remotely can have its downside. Our monitoring solutions ensures they keep on task

and reduces the risk of moonlighting and side jobs. Stolen property costs businesses Millions per year. Our vehicle location monitoring helps you quickly locate and recover your assets and reduce premiums.

You can also keep track of fuel usage and set automatic maintenance alerts to keep your costs down and your machinery in tip-top condition. No matter where your heavy equipment is sited, remote, rural or city locations, our GPS integrated intelligent software solutions allows you to sleep at night – knowing your assets are always safe and secure.