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School Districts

BusView features robust tracking to monitor driver behavior, location and vehicle speed. BusView is supported by a user-friendly and robust portal, which enables users to monitor bus details in real-time. Our solution enables many important benefits, including:

  • Improved Efficiency: Parents know where buses are, so kids can be ready to board and picked-up easily…reduces exposure to weather
  • Time Savings: Ensures more kids are transported more quickly, due to less idle-time
  • Reduces Staff Workload: Fewer calls from worried parents about their kid's location/arrival time and downloadable reports of all bus metrics for use in disputes
  • Fuel Savings: Less idle-time boosts fuel efficiency
  • Better Maintained Buses: Supports bus maintenance by sending reminders and recording all details
  • Higher Quality Record Keeping: Comprehensive record capabilities with unlimited customization, reminders and historical storage
  • Driver Behavior Tracking: Monitors speed, idle-time, hard-braking, sharp-turns and excessive acceleration

The cost-savings of the solution far exceeds the initial and ongoing costs of the solution.

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National Fleet Tracking knows your business is all about being responsive. Knowing where a driver is in real time helps you improve customer service.

Whether your dealing with a domestic heating issue or an industrial air conditioning problem, having all the information at hand means you can keep your promises and have everything up and running in the quickest possible time. All essential points to maintain your good reputation. Knowing where a driver is in real time and being able to plan and execute the next appointment with optimal routing, guarantees you reduce fuel costs and vehicle wear. Setting realistic time-frames also means speeding and idle time is reduced, as well as curtailing the incidences of ‘off route’ driving and moonlighting. The knock on effect of all these attributes will increase productivity and reduce overtime, adding to your bottom line considerably – there can’t be a better solution for your business success than that.

Heavy Equipment

We have many ways for you to keep track of all your equipment while on site or in route. Be alerted immediately when your equipment is being used after hours.

National Fleet Tracking has a number of intelligent ways for you to keep track of all your heavy equipment while out on site or on route. This applies to both fixed and mobile assets. And it doesn’t stop there. We also have monitoring solutions for exposed cabs that suffer the elements day in day out.

All these solutions are specifically designed to protect and monitor vehicle and driver safety at all times. Having many staff working remotely can have its downside. Our monitoring solutions ensures they keep on task

and reduces the risk of moonlighting and side jobs. Stolen property costs businesses Millions per year. Our vehicle location monitoring helps you quickly locate and recover your assets and reduce premiums.

You can also keep track of fuel usage and set automatic maintenance alerts to keep your costs down and your machinery in tip-top condition. No matter where your heavy equipment is sited, remote, rural or city locations, our GPS integrated intelligent software solutions allows you to sleep at night – knowing your assets are always safe and secure.


Fleet Track Pro along with a Garmin Dezl allows our customers to automate HOS, DVIR and IFTA. Keep DOT happy and your CSA score up with NFT.

If DOT ain't happy ain't nobody happy

Ensure your drivers are staying on approved truck routes (and not getting lost) with Truck approved routing via spoken turn-by-turn directions.


Did you know an idling truck uses almost a gallon an hour? Did you know with our system companies have reduced idling up to 50% and reduced speeding by 97%? Both of those reductions mean your fuel dollar goes further.


Knowing the location of your vehicles help you improve your customer service and can cut down on phone calls. We also provide “Live Tracker” links that allow you to send a special link with an expiration time to customers. They can then see where the vehicle is themselves without ever calling you!


How long does it take to update the board every morning? Eliminate calls to drivers to get their location! With Fleet Track Pro you know vehicle locations within seconds, heck with our handy cell phone friendly access you will know where they are before you even make it to the office!


Insurance companies appreciate companies that are pro-active in monitoring their employees driving habits. Additionally our vehicle disable option allows you to disable a stolen vehicle ensuring you get your truck back ASAP. Many of our customers have saved enough on insurance premiums to pay for our service.


National Fleet Tracking provides the tools that ensures your customers that their cargo is being monitored every step of the way, is safe and will be delivered on time.

Having the right information at your fingertips communicates professionalism and efficiency. When your customers need an update or requests a change to the original plan, our system alerts the driver and reroutes the delivery for an ultra responsive service. Driver/vehicle behavior monitoring means speeding becomes a thing of the past - resulting in less penalties and reduced premiums. Location and intelligent reporting also means idle time is reduced and moonlighting identified before it becomes a problem. Having this level of control and information gives you the exact tools you need to compete in a cut-throat, yet lucrative - ever growing market place.


We help you know where your trucks are at for more efficient routing, dispatch, and customer service. We also can help you identify when pours are happening and for how long.

A great feature that our concrete company customers like is our dispatching software that allows you to setup routes for the day.

Have you ever had a location that needed more concrete and you just weren’t sure who was the closest to the location? Using our software, you can find the closest trucks and then send that to the device of the truck you want to send to the location. It’s much faster than calling all the drivers to see where they are and trying to give them directions over the phone!


  • Know Locations at all times
  • Know when the PTO is engaged and pouring
  • Locate Closest Truck to site in seconds
  • Know when and if employees are stealing
  • Improve Customer Service

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National Fleet Tracking allows you to keep track of all your heavy machinery and work units while out on site. Our tracking devices can help you solve issues.

Construction trailers can be intelligently monitored to provide a high level of security that includes location monitoring, motion detection and status reporting. Vehicles with exposed cabs that are subject to the punishing outdoors rigours of site work are easily monitored and tracked - so any stolen vehicles are quickly recovered.

Whatever your Construction vehicle or trailor security needs, National Fleet Tracking has a solid solution for keeping a watchful eye on all your equipment 24/7. Saving you money on increased insurance premiums and maintaining a constant work flow to meet deadlines.

Oil & Gas

National Fleet Tracking takes safety very seriously when it comes to dealing with hazardous conditions and materials. Our tracking devices can help you solve issues.

Having constant communication with the driver and recognizing any irregularities in the vehicle behavior/speed and routing will always keep the driver vigilant and responsive. This level of accountability and professionalism is demanded by an industry so heavily regulated that it cannot afford to be let down by its suppliers and contractors.

That's where we come in with our intelligent fleet tracking systems that manage environmental and human risks every step of the way. Making sure drivers are safe and DOT compliant, that your vehicles are safely routed and having constant in-cab communication reassures everyone that risk and efficiency are never compromised.