School Districts

BusView features robust tracking to monitor driver behavior, location and vehicle speed.  BusView is supported by a user-friendly and robust portal, which enables users to monitor bus details in real-time.  Our solution enables many important benefits, including:

  • Improved Efficiency:  Parents know where buses are, so kids can be ready to board and picked-up easily…reduces exposure to weather
  • Time Savings:  Ensures more kids are transported more quickly, due to less idle-time
  • Reduces Staff Workload:  Fewer calls from worried parents about their kid’s location/arrival time and downloadable reports of all bus metrics for use in disputes
  • Fuel Savings:  Less idle-time boosts fuel efficiency
  • Better Maintained Buses:  Supports bus maintenance by sending reminders and recording all details
  • Higher Quality Record Keeping:  Comprehensive record capabilities with unlimited customization, reminders and historical storage
  • Driver Behavior Tracking:  Monitors speed, idle-time, hard-braking, sharp-turns and excessive acceleration

The cost-savings of the solution far exceeds the initial and ongoing costs of the solution.

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