Patrick Locke

Patrick Locke is the COO of National Fleet Tracking.

Mr. Locke left Tarleton State University to join the United States Army. Mr. Locke advanced quickly through the ranks during the 8 years that he served from 1994-2001. Mr. Locke served in a variety of positions, and countries, but when his service ended while in Germany, he was hired by Raytheon Aerospace as a Logistics Manager in Germany. His skills learned during his career and his desire to push himself forward is the type of leadership that increased the profitability of a small company by that he purchased in Glen Rose.  After 8 years he sold the small company to a large corporation and joined Glen Rose Transportation Management as an IT and Marketing Director.

Within 2 years, he helped with getting the new company, National Fleet Tracking, off the ground and was later named the COO. He also helps out in many areas of the community including being very involved with the Boy Scouts in many leadership roles there.